"In his latest work Jeffrey has really displayed courage as a painter, there is a new found dynamism and clarity of colour in these new paintings which, combined with a strong economic understanding of composition, make these his most exciting works." Julian Bailey 2007

Latest Exhibition - 'Landscape of Light' at Clarendon Fine Art, London - View invite
Private View Date: Thursday 21st November 6pm 8:30pm
Public Opening: Friday 22nd November until Wednesday 4th December



My boyhood ambition to paint finally came to fruition 25 years ago, after my parental responsibilities diminished. My painting developed alongside a deep love of nature and conservation. Experimentation is inevitably linked to a painters search for a "unique voice" and fresh exciting subjects, which combined with my passion for colour lead me to increased simplification, "less is more", and leaning increasingly towards abstraction. Consequently every days painting is a very joyful preoccupation, and simultaneously a perpetual struggle!!


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Home Life


My rural home in Oxfordshire, the product of eighteen years of creative building and landscaping, is both artistically inspirational and fun. My greatest pleasure and excitement is painting outside, directly mark making from nature. Three wonderful lakes, extensive woodland, lily ponds, and outdoor sculptures provide me with endless subjects for plein air painting, as well as a perfect tranquil retreat.
For me, the constant shifting of light, colour, and weather is a magical, joyful and spiritual experience.


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At certain times of the year, travelling becomes compelling and more than a little challenging. My greatest assistant is my mobile painting van with bed, sink and painting racks. It gives me the absolute freedom and joy to paint wherever I wish, plus picnics by water and adventures in exciting hot countries. The difficulties of wet dripping canvases, filthy hands, and brushes fade into insignificance.
My most recent travels were in Tobago.


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'Landscape of Light' at Clarendon Fine Art - View invite.

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